Although apparently aimed at young adults, I think this book would appeal to any age, especially children who would get a kick out of the robot.

GoodReads user Nancy Townsend October 14, 2016

I don’t want to spoil too much of the story, but I’ll say that I really enjoyed the mash-up of different genres, it makes the book a surprising and fun read.

Amazon user Per Eide September 25, 2016

“Oh no, yet another Katniss/Triss somewhat dystopian feminist YA novel?” After 20 pages I was rolling my eyes so hard it hurt. And then everything changed for the better.

GoodReads user Maria September 25, 2016

The story is pretty fast-paced and you’ll have no trouble diving right into it. As things progress there’s a surprising amount of depth that’s revealed.

Illuminite Caliginosus September 8, 2016

This book had a good mix of humor, action, suspense, and imagination. I laughed, loudly, several times when reading the dialogue of Kirabo’s sarcastic robot sidekick. The action scenes were aplenty but I didn’t feel as if they took over the story.

Up 'Til Dawn Book Blog September 7, 2016